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can a sunflower change from yellow to pink ?  or can any flower change from one colouer to another colouer? please andser


Basically no-the colours might fade as the flower gets older but yellow to pink -no.

Why do you ask?

because i have some


Can you post a picture-I am surprised you have a sunflower in flower -are you in the UK-is this the same plant or a self sown seedling?

its a bought one from the shop


i also have chrysanthemums from the same shop but a differant bunch turning from yellow to pink or white to pink any asders

yes in uk

There is a Rose called Masquerade, the blooms start off yellow, turn pink and end up red, so the plant in flower has a variety of colours. But I 've not heard of it in a sunflower.

You got from a joke shop or they are plastic-neither plant is in bloom in the UK

no not a joke shop from the coop real flowers

picture coming in just a sec

photo of crisants coming in a sec


Looks like a gerbera. I'm off downtown to our local coop, will have a look.

That's a Gerbera not  sunflower in my opinion