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Oakley Witch

When can i plant them out? They were planted last autumn and they are now filling the 8cm pots. Help please

Now. They are tough. Are they outside in their pots now? If so they will enjoy the move.
They will seed everywhere of course though sam

Harden them off each day before planting them out, to climitise them.


Like Verdun says, I no longer need to plant forget-me-nots, it's now just a matter of pulling them up from where I don't want them!  I tend to leave them growing everywhere as a kind of ground-cover over the winter, then let them flower in the spring and try to remember to pull them up from where I don't want them, before they set seed.  The foliage has turned a little purple this year after the harsh winter and no sign of flowers yet though.  I'm really looking forward to the drifts of pastel blue that will soon appear.


I usually plant small plants in the garden in the autumn. I used to let them seed themselves, then I started getting a wild variety with tiny weeny flowers that I didn't want and ants seemed to like living in the roots of these, so now I pull them up when over and weed out any I'm not sure about. They are very hardy.



I just let them get on with it now like a lot of other annuals/biennials. I do agree with B-L though, they don't improve over time

hollie hock

I grew some from seed last year and planted them out last Autumn. I didn't realise I had them in the garden all ready. All but one survivied this cold weather. I sowed some of the mixed types earlier this year, as I like the look of white ones. They are doing the best out of all my seeds.

I haven't noticed the huge self seeding yet but maybe after this I won't have to grow anymore from seed. If hope they do self seed a lot here I like the idea of using them as ground cover and the thinning out when necessary.

I live in Arizona and I got forget-me-nots from my aunts funeral. I would like to plant them but I do not have a garden And I live in an apartment how would I be able to grow them indoors? Also I have never planted anything before, this would be my first time.


PTL, you don't say!


How funny - spent the weekend pulling up this year's FmNots - and found loads of ants nesting in their roots - I didn't realise it was a common thing!


Busy & Chicky, that would explain why I've loads of ants all down garden path, as self set FMN's down the path border. I thought they enjoyed living under the path.

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