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Perhaps a little bit more information?

Don't know what happened there, typed it all out and nothing showed up. Anyway, my long established Forsythia used to be one of my best early shows and now I have large swathes of it which are void of any leaves. It seems to be following the same pattern when it was in flower, again just branches with nothing on them. Other parts seem to still be quite bushy and did flower. Is it time to dig it up and buy a greenhouse?

Yes, absolutely - but then I really dislike forsythia.  Even so a greenhouse would be so much more interesting all year round.

Alina W

I'd try pruning out the bare branches, giving it a feed and a few months to see what happens. But I do like forsythia



Alina!  Honestly?  Boring brown bare stems all winter followed by ghastly acid yellow blossom for 2 weeks and then dull green foliage till leaf fall.  What's to like?

So many more interesting shrubs to grow.  Or a greenhouse.

Alina W

But forsythia grows in my front garden, Obelixx


It used to grow in my back garden but I got rid.

Alina W

But I'd need a pneumatic drill..


Mine got badly frosted one year and needed much cutting back and it didn't really recover well so I got OH to dig it out.   It was quite a job but worth it.

Haha, just what I needed, somebody to give me the idea that forsythia is a bit of a poor thing.  Especially this year when I've had the same prob as Gary Smith2.  Will try Alina W's advice, and, if that doesn't work, do what obelixx says.

Thanks for all the comments, I will try a bit of pruning and feeding and see if I can get some acid yellow flowers and dull green foliage back into my life!
muddy mare

he he you lot are so funny

What are you to feed it?  I seen a couple of post mention this but not exactly what it is you are giving it to revive it.  Thanks!


Probably a bit late to worry. It was 2 years ago now

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