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Thanks for that  Will not be using JF then

Stacey Docherty

Chilli powder... They don't like it it inflames the basal membranes but does them no harm... Make it stronger than shop bought by buying strong dried chillies and blitzing........


I have what I thought was fox droppings on my lawn each morning  for the past few days - 3 or 4 areas but don't detect an odour; what  could it be?   If Jeyes Fluid is a problem what else can i use on the lawn?

If no smell it could be hedgehogs?


In such huge quantities???  If it is hedgehogs then I guess damage will be limited?  -  I wouldn't want to cause any harm by spraying the lawn with any kind of deterrent.


Chilli powder.  He doesn't want to cook it Stacey. 

Domt think it's fox droppings on a,though ESP if no smell.  

A spray with jeyes ......allowing it to dry.....on a piece of wood with mesh barrier overnight is worry trying despite the warnings.  It's the smell,of jeyes that should work amd if it's dry,it,shold be fine.  Otherwise you,will be back to square one handy chap(nearly wrote,Andy cap).  I think this will break this foxes routine.

Foxes use their spoor to mark out their territories. If it is a fox suddenly choosing to use your doorstep I can only think that it is a young animal from this year's brood marking out its territory. It is probably attracted to the smells of your dog and cat's footsteps around the door and thinking that it's an OK place to leave its own pong.

Other than sitting up all night with a bucket of cold water ready to throw over it, I'm not sure how you tell it to move somewhere else to say hello.

Try spraying vinegar on the step - if the fox can overcome the smell at least you will be getting rid of the algae and moss.


Agree with Waterbutts, foxes foul in prominent locations to mark their territory, so on your doorstep is undoubtedly a fox. I've heard tiger poo works wonders, (sorry to suggest yet another foul deposit for your doorstep) apparently you can pick it up from the zoo if you've got one nearby. Alternatively, the DIY stores stock sensor controlled spray devices, that will squirt anything that approaches with water- might be easier to get hold of than Tiger poop!

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