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For the last few weeks we have had a fox poo on our doorstep  Does anyone have any idea howi can try and get it stop without hurting any animal.  Many thanks

Are you sure that a fox left it?

Yes as my dog go's crazy when she smells it and she will roll in it if i don't beat her to it 

The smell is a giveaway.   

can you physically put up a barrier each break up his routine?  

A neighbour let his dog poo at the entrance to my drive.  I picked it up, rang his bell, and returned it on his doorstep. Guess what?  No more poo 

I tried putting stuff in the way and the bugger still got to the step. Always the same step really quite strange 


How about piece of mesh across the entrance?  

Could try that but i have a cat which go's and out during the night and don't want her to hurt herself. Would Jeyes fluid work ?  And yes Verdun you are right the smell is horrid 

I sympathise.  Whenever I come across,fox poo in the garden when weeding etc. it really is eye watering.  Maybe a plastic mesh?  Jeyes might work ..maybe spraying something you could leave on your doorstep?


There must be something wrong with my nose, I've never noticed the smell. Not on my doorstep though and haven't had to clear it up so maybe that's the reason

Sorry, I didn't mean was it fox poo (it's fairly distinctive), I meant are you sure that a fox is leaving it there?

Nutcutlet you are lucky its a foul smell. Yet my daft dog loves rolling in it. 

Waterbutts, are you suspecting foul play?  

Nut, believe me it's a smell ??ou dont want.  In my haste one day weeding amongst my heathers I vigorously grabbed some foxes poo and the smell was baaaaaaaaad.  Washed my hands over n over. 


Dogs love anything like that don't they? My neighbour's dog used to come and steal from my bags of dried chicken muck


Dove, I'm getting worried about handy chap's doorstep. So. Fox poo plus dog poo and he has a cat there too!!!!!!

Handy try the Jeyes it works for cats
Verdun wrote (see)

Dove, I'm getting worried about handy chap's doorstep. So. Fox poo plus dog poo and he has a cat there too!!!!!!

Lucky the dog does not poo on the step and the cat who knows where she go's 

Nutcutlet. I have a 6ft fence around my garden so if someone is doing this for a laugh they too much time and energy 

Is Jeyes safe for other animals ?

And pet wise i have a indoor cat (his choice) 120 (ish) fish and 2 rats 

Jeyes Fluid is an extremely toxic product manufactured from tar oils. It contains phenols which are very poisonous. The tins tell you to avoid contact with the liquid and that is exactly what everone should do.

For more info, go to Jeyes' own safety data sheet.