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Having just planted our front garden three weeks ago, we woke one morning to find scratch marks round the plants, thinking it may have been cats scratching the new top soil, I put cat powder round the plants, this smelt like garlic.  Three days later we woke to find two of the plants broken and half the garden raked onto the pavement.  Do you think this could be foxes and if so what do I do?


It might have been, especially if you used Fish Blood & Bone or similar when planting - but unless you have other signs of foxes or their scent marking I think it's more likely to be cats.

Are their any other clues - cat poo for instance?

Thanks dovefromabove, sorry I have been so long replying, but  I have just found you and five others on my ignore list, how you got there I do not know.  There was no sign of cat poo.  But since a good down pour nothing has been dug up since. Fingers crossed


It happens some times - no probs.

I find cats tend not to use my garden when the soil is damp - another reason for regular watering 


Could it be squirrels or is the damage too great for them?

I think they are the culprits  doing a similar thing in my raised veggie beds as they harvest / hide / and, some months later, dig up the cob nuts and walnuts I supply them with elsewhere in the garden 

I have resorted to a combination of chicken wire and twiggy sticks placed at intervals over the beds - seems to be effective but it doesn't look very good!

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