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Please forgive me if this is not the correct forum to ask these questions. I have many beautiful self seeded foxgloves in my garden and I would like to get rid of them now as the wind and rain has taken there toll and I don't want them all to set seed as I will be inundated with them even more so next year. I know that all parts of the plant are highly poisenous. So my questions are: can I put them on my compost heap, will this contaminate my compost? will the seeds survive and grow when I use the compost? many thanks. Mrs Panda



They are only poisonous if you eat them-  they will not contaminate your compost- as for whether the seeds survive depends on how hot the heap gets-if you have any doubts why not put in the council green waste bin?- their composting system generates much more heat than in a garden environment.


I put mine in the compost. I think the poisonous bit is if you eat them. You will possibly get one or two seedlings but nothing to worry about.


Why don't you just let them set seed and then pull out the ones you don't want?. Re surviving and growing in the compost - yes, very likely. But, again, you can aleays pull out the ones you don't want

just dont forget to wear gloves when your pulling them out lol


Thanks for all your replys, I will remember to wear gloves when pulling them and I do have the option of my own compost heap or the council green waste bin. I don't mind weeding the few that grow next year that grow in the wrong place. Thanks again for all your advice. Mrs Panda


why should you wear gloves when pulling them out? Surly just wash your hands when you come in doors?

Alina W

Yes SPS, that's fine. They're not that toxic unless you start chewing the leaves.

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