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In my greenhouse I have two frogs who overwinter there every winter. This week I emptied an old grow bag & discovered that it was full of baby & adult ants. How can i get rid of them without harming the frogs & do the frogs eat them?



You've emptied the old grow bag - that will have destroyed the nest - the frogs will eat any grubs/cocoons left laying around.  If you've got plenty of activity going on in the greenhouse now that spring is here the ants are likely to look for somwhere else dry and quiet. 


Frogs eat insects. But you can shovel up the contants of the growbag and spread it around if you're worried. There are enough poisons around already, I wouldn't add to them if you have respect for your frogs and the rest of the local wildlife

Woodgreen wonderboy

I don't think ants do much harm in the garden and without them I wouldn't see green woodpeckers. As wise ol' nut says frogs do too much good to put them at risk.

Thanks for that. I have thoroughly drenched them thinking that I could drown them so I have unintentionally  done the right thing. I should have some fat frogs before long.



I've got green woodpeckers nesting in a willow WW. I shan't be killing any ants


You'll be even greener when I tell you about the GWP family we had flying around here last year WW, and the one we expect this year. They're still building at the moment, been tapping away for weeks now, showers of chippings on the ground below. They take no notice when the lawn mower passes below.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I've had a juvenile and adult on the ground at the same time, sometimes for very long periods, but that is all.


Ypu musthave good anting territory

Wish we had woodpeckers but we have to go to some woods on the opposite side of the city to see them. We do see foxes & hawks however.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I am going to use natural methods.


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