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It is so good at last to see it has become really trendy to have a turfed lawn again instead of unsightly gravel and brick. We have noticed this is happening in lots of Bristol homes recently as mock pebbly garden beaches are being removed e-mass. Probably the younger householders have at last realised the problem of weeds plus unsightly mess every time a family car is driven out leaving a trail of stones left behind down the road. One wonders what is to become of all this massive amount gravel, surely it will not be sent to landfill ? Could I suggest perhaps that it should be sent to say, nearby Portishead, we could then have our very own Chesil beach reaching out into the Severn estuary ! 

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A sort of Severn barrage,bring back turf.Although in some cases its o.k. but me I'm a turf girl.

"could I suggest that perhaps it should be sent to say, nearby Portishead"
Nooooooooo! LOL, recently went down portishead, the geological formations on the beach are amazing. Plus it's a site of Special Scientific Interest(SSI) so any chance of dumping chippings over it are out the window. P.S. I know you were only joking.

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