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Joyce do I take it that your hedge is along the front of your house, and the neighbour's hedge is along the front of their house?  If so then they really are two separate hedges - you can't expect them to be the same.  

Do you paint and decorate your house to match theirs?  Of course you don't, any more than your garden planting matches theirs.  

They are two different properties - you cannot control what your neighbours do - enjoy your garden and enjoy the difference 

joyce mannell



the hedge is like the pale green one in your picture  (all in one)

I had a reply from my neighbour saying I can get all the hedge cut how I want as they are thinking of moving  as this will be to expensive for me todo I will wait for the landlord to  cut it  


Thank you all for the advice



I'm glad to say that here in Scotland I have been told that as of next year the council can arrange to cut offending hedges and bill the owner.

I'll be making sure my neighbour's 40 ft monster is top of the list.

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