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joyce mannell

My neabour has a hedge next to mine in the front of our terraced house  his house is  let I used to pay out for a gardener to cut the hedge properly  then I asked the landlord asking him why doesnt he keep the hedge trimmed as well he told the residents todo it which was done properly a few times now hes let the hedge grow taller than mine which looks stupid 

The chap next door hasnt done it for months I would like it cut evenly across have I got the right to get a gardener to cut theres as well

Any advice welcomed


If it's on your property then it's your hedge and you do what you like with it (within the law and any byelaws).  

But if it's on your neighbour's property then it's hedge to do what he likes with, again within the law etc.  

It's not up to you how high he cuts his hedge I'm afraid.  Not unless you buy his house. 


If its not your hedge and not overhanging your land, if you cut it , it will be criminal damage. Have a word with the owner to see if you can come to some agreement.

Heloo Joyce, hope the cul de sac is now getting a good clean these days at least.

If the house is let there is every chance that the tenants have a responsibility to keep the property in a reasonable condition. That includes the garden. So your neighbour was correct to say that the people living there should do it. But he should make them. Or if it's let via an agency, they should make them.

If all else fails, contact your council. They have the ability to make homeowners/tenants keep the footpath clear of hazards.

Sorry about the hellooo - rather a long and alcoholic lunch


No, not really Joyce.  Why not have a word with next door.  Or, ask the landlord if you can cut it.  Bet it will be fine

I had a similar issue with neighbour's hedge on road.  It was slightly blocking my view when I tried to see traffic.  I asked him to cut it back.  He did it but only slightly.  He isnt the most energetic or responsive person in the world.  I had another "go" at him.  We even exchanged "forthright" letters about it but I  then relented......" tell you what, I'll cut it back for you then it will be easier when you need to do it again" I said.  I cut it severely taking out all the thick wood.  He was delighted.  It is now easy for him to trim and I have my clear view of the road.  simples 

joyce mannell

Thank you for all your advice  I cant contact the landlord as I dont know his phone number the chap next door is away all week and his wife works shifts  but the adjoining hedge is an eyesore and I always have to sweep the front slabs as leaves collect on it I went halves with my previous neabor to have the front paved which looks lovely as we had a lawn before

The hedge was put in by wimpy when they did this estate

Waterbutts yes our cul de sac is lovely and clean now  our adjoining hedge is growing to tall and I cant view the road as I use to its a good job i can view whos at the door on my left side window as I never answer the door  before looking 

joyce mannell



The neighbour cut mine back last time shorter than his so it looks stupid

I am going to see another neighbour today to see what advice he can give me as there hedge  is lovely and even 


weres my reply from yesterday gone ???


Cant you ask yr neighbour if its OK for you to cut it?


Hi Joyce, how you doing?, i was just going through all the lovely emails you sent me!

 Try to catch the next door neighbour and ask if you could trim it down a bit, or perhaps post your phone number through their door if you cant catch them.

Lyn x

joyce mannell

pansyface and lyn

yes ill post a note in there door  as I never see them I will have to get a gardener todo it though my lawn needs cutting as its grown so high 

It's all very well for the landlord / agent to say it's the responsibility of the tenants to keep the hedge under control.  The likelihood is that they haven't got a hedgetrimmer or a decent pair of shears.  I suspect they'll be delighted if you offer to get it back under control for them.

joyce mannell


I am back to my first problem as next door wants there adjoining hedge higher than mine which looks stupid as they cut it like that the last time 

You neighbours shouldn't be cutting your hedge back at all, apart from any which is overhanging their property.  There is nothing you can do to force them to cut their hedge back to the same height as yours though.

I'm assuming in all this that there are 2 hedges, one growing in your garden and one in theirs.


A double hedge can look very attractive 

 I think sometimes you just have to go with the flow 


joyce mannell


There hedge in the front of our houses is  like the tall back view one on your picture which has leaves growing everywhere which looks untidy he cut mine shorter than his so mine looks like the bottom one  and its all in one strip so looks ugly

Joyce. Why not let your hedge grow bit taller to match?  

Sometimes it's best not to worry too much about how you think it looks if you really can't control the situation.  Live and let live?


Just what I was thinking, Verdun!

joyce mannell


I dont want my hedge to stop me looking out  of my kichen window  

as they do for there front room 


As others have already said Joyce, you can't control the situation so allowing it to get to you, as it clearly is, will not do your health any good, let alone the hedge.

You really do only seem to have limited options.

1) Allow your hedge to grow to the same height as your neighbours.  You can at least then keep your side and much of the top tidy.

2)Keep you hedge at the level you want it and accept that your neighbour is absolutely within his/her rights to have their hedge at a different height and as scruffy as they want.  You can trim back any of their hedge which encroaches on your garden but only that part.

I understand that you don't want a hedge stopping you looking out the window but you cannot force your neighbour to design their garden to suit your requirements.