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Alina W

Er - what was your question? Frost damage will heal itself, you need do nothing. If you lost fruit as a result, there's nothing you can do other than wait for next spring.

Sorry, don't know where my question went! And no, it's not about lost fruit - we have a plum tree, about 4yrs old now - well-established, always done well without us paying it much attention at all - blossomed as usual this year, but only vey few leaves have come through - and no signs of obvious buds - could it be frost? Is it going to recover? Is there anything we could be doing to get leaf growth going again???.....I'm not optimistic
Alina W

No, it doesn't sound like it - plums are hardy, although frost can damage the blossom. Are there any other signs of problems - split bark, oozing?

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