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I have one of the following apple,plum,pear trees,they have been planted for 4years and each tree blossoms very well,but up to now no fruit from any tree,any advice appreciated.

All three can need pollinators, Pdh, another tree of a compatible variety to pollinate the blossom. What varieties do you have?

Hi italophile they are Braeburn apple, Victoria plum, conference pear all on root stock. They are supposed to be self pollinators but I'm No expert and just followed the planting instructions. I have fed them also. But no fruit.

Yes, they're self-pollinating varieties, though even self-pollinators will benefit from a compatible friend nearby. Regardless, some apples can take four or five years to produce fruit. Our pear - not a Conference, a Coscia - took five years. It could be a case of immaturity. What have you fed them with?


I feed them on a growmore fertiliser also a mulching around late season.


Pollination has been poor this year because of the weather - too cold and wet for the bees. I had a similar problem on well established trees, lots of blossom and little fruit. Nothing you can do about it other than try to pollinate by hand next year but I would just let nature sort it out. It would definitely help your chances if there were suitable  trees for cross-pollination in your neighbours gardens though.

Thx for your advice. With me being really a novice how do I pollinate by hand?
Thank you for any advice..

Bees do it better.  Self-fertile fruit trees will always do better with a compatible pollinator.  It might be better to concentrate on just one fruit rather than growing one of each.  Victoria is a plum everybody knows the name of but it is a challenging plum as it suffers from diseases. Conference is partially self-fertile.

Hi I have the same problem I bought the mini orchard collection 3years now and all four look great I get fruit but 90%of the fruit just drop off and the remaing fruit just whittle away I use a fertiliser for fruit trees but still no joy the children are growing inpatient with me saying year after year next year kids I hope they are just to young yet to produce fruit 

but having read into fruit trees from this site bumper crops after the first year I don't think so the same has happened this year and they look the best they have ever done after giving them a trim autumn last year 

any ideas what I could do to get these producing fruit next year we have loads of fruit trees around our neighbourhood so pollination shouldn't be a issue 

cheers Eddie b DoncasterDoncaster

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