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I took some cuttings from a hardy fuchsia last autumn.  They have roots but no shoots have started.  Should I give up on them? I live in the southeast.


Seems slightly odd that they have roots and no shoots, but as that is the case I'd be inclined to give them a bit more time before you start again - what have you got to lose really?  Time and patience often win. 

Gardening Grandma

Fuchsias are among the later plants to put out leaves, so they may still be OK. Other than that, cuttings of fuchsias are very easy to take and root quickly, so you could take some more as soon as you can get reasonable ripe cuttings.

Thank you. I've taken them out of the greenhouse as it might be a bit hot in there for them and put them in a sunny, sheltered position.  Fingers crossed!


Fuchsias are better in dappled shade than in full sun.


As they have roots mist spray daily with water. Do not have them in full sun.

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