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fuchsia leaves

A lot of the leaves on my fuchsias are going silver drying out and dropping off , as if the greeness is being drained out of them , young plants and old bush and trailers never had it before as anyone any ideas ? Trevor

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Can you check to see if vine weevil grubs have eaten the roots? I believe that fuchsias are one of their favourite plants.

Thanks for reply  No vine weevil, Plants are treated twice a year and I don't think they give you the silver leaves, but have checket no sign. Thanks for your help  Trevor

Alina W

Are they in full sunshine? That might cause them to burn up with the temperatures we've had recently.


Some are but it does'nt seem to matter where they are, I have been growing fuchsias for a number of years and have over 500 at last count some 180 differant cultivars just feel helpless to see them in this state.

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