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Can anyone help with my problem please? I bought 4 small young fuchsia plants from a show in April and now they are starting to lose their leaves.  The stems are gradually going brown from the bottom upwards and when it is getting to where the leaves join they are starting to drop.  I've searched on the net and can't find any answers so I hope some of you knowledgeable gardeners may be able to help?


This does not sound good, have you planted them outside? They may have been raised indoors and not like this cold wet weather. Do you know the variety?

No, they are still inside at the moment. They are trailing "Coachman" and upright "Alice Smedley". I've never had problems with fuchsias before and just hoping they haven't got some disease.

The only thing I can suggest is you turn them out of their pots and look at the roots. It almost sounds like they are rotting.

Was it a reputable supplier? Did it happen quickly?


It doesn't sound good  Did you repot them into bigger pots? One thing I would do is take some healthy tops off the fuchsias and pop them into some compost to root in case your plants don't survive .Try easing off on the watering and put them somewhere bright and warm with space around them- only water again when the pots feel lighter.I do hope they pull back for you - they are both lovely Fuchsias - I think it is Celia Smedley ?

Pam x


Thanks Pam and Kate.

I've had a look at the roots and they seem healthy enough.  I'm sure if I went back to the supplier they will say it's something I've done (which it probably is).

I did repot them and at first they were fine, but it seems to be a gradual process.  I'm not one to overwater so I'm perplexed as to why it's happening.  I'll just have to do my best to try and save them. 

Yes, it is Celia Smedley Pam. Don't know why I put Alice. I must have been having a brain block. 


I think a lot of plants came to a standstill with the awful weather we have had - another year your fuchsias will have romped away - don't feel bad  I hope they recover

Pam x

Sounds as if the stems have been attacked by a fungus, botrytis comes to mind. To damp a condition and not enough circulating air exacerbates the problem.

It sounds like the stem is being attacked by a fungus, Botrytis comes to mind. The problem is exacerbated by damp anmd lack of air.

Thanks everyone. I will keep you updated how they get on.

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