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Hi all

i previously posted to ask for advice as we bought a new house complete with totally weed filled gardens.  We have dug out all the main trees and took up as many weeds as we can, we also used plenty of glyphosate weedkiller on all the gardens (as previously advised on here) but some of the weeds are just too big and too deep set and have come back...ARGH.  My brother and i were trying to dig out what looked like some pretty straight forward dandelions yesterday but the roots went down more than a foot and were over an inch thick!

Anyhoo, we are at the end of our tether with it, all we want is a nice blank canvas at the back to turf over and do some pretty borders, and a small front garden free of weeds so that i can start a nice fragrant rock garden.

I have a damaged spine so constant digging is not an option for me so what can i use on the gardens to kill the deeper set weed roots?  Is there anything i can buy from say Wilkinsons that might help to get rid of some more weeds and roots before i go ahead and start planting all my nice plants and shrubs?

any help would be amazing and if you need any more info then please get back to me asap!  


Glyphosate will do the job, but you have to give it time.  You should spray it on the leaves then wait for the leaves to die down completely (up to 6 weeks.)  If you remove the foliage before then, the roots may not be killed and you then have to wait for the leaves to grow again, spray, then wait another few weeks for them to die down.  If you can't dig the roots out, then you have to wait for the glyphosate to work fully.

If you are desperate to get the new plants in, then do so and label them all.  If anything comes up which isn't labelled, apply a glyphosate gel directly to the leaves instead of spraying so that you don't damage the new plants.

Hi bob, thanks for a great reply!  We did actually use the glyphosate around 3 months ago now when everything was really thick, some died back but there are some weeds that just will not die. Is glyphosate the strongest stuff i can use?  I am tempted to find something stronger and use it on the worst affected areas.

thanks again!


some weeds will need glyphosate twice.  dont dig it out until it has died down naturally. if it regrows give it another lot.


Hi davielovesgravy, Resolva 24h is a good one, works within 24 hours (no surprise there)!  Quicker than glyphosate.


Hi paulaH thanks for that, have you ever tried it on deep thick stubborn weeds? Did it work ok?  Cheers.


Resolva's the best one davie. Only one worth having. It's fast and it works 


I was also looking for strong weedkiller to get rid of bamboo.

The RHS site suggests - scotts roundup ultra 3000 - it's NOT cheap!

Good luck!

Thanks a lot Fairygirl and Pete8, i will go and buy on or the other this weekend and get spraying those little buggers, hopefully should have my gardens done in time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.


Good luck, DLG!  Have faith - the glyphosate will work, eventually - you might have to accept that your first year in your new house is mainly about getting it 'clean', but it will be worth it next year, honest!  Also, I'd say don't expect to get rid of every last weed - you have not failed if you still get quite a few coming up here and there, that's just the nature of gardening.  You're aiming just to get a bit ahead of the game and clear the worst of them out of the way.

Don't lose heart with the digging - once you've got most of the ground clear and your plants in, then you ought to have minimal digging needed - especially if you are able to stay on top of it with really, really regular light hoeing and snipping through the season - a little and often works well.

Finally, I've discovered the joys of mulch!  We put a thick, thick layer of leafmould down over winter, and it is a delight because although some weeds (eg ground elder, grrrrr) still come through they are really easy to get out because they have been seduced up into this lovely loose layer of mulch that their roots can't get a good grip on. 

So hang on in their and don't get downhearted - the first year is the toughest and IT IS ALL WORTHWHILE!  Enjoy, and let us know how you get on.

PS there are stronger weedkillers you can use IF you don't intend to plant anything in the soil afterwards - eg where you are going to have paths etc.  But I assume that doesn't apply?



Deep rooted weeds can be a real pain to get rid of. You need something seriously strong to kill the weeds right at the roots. I would give glyphosate weedkiller a try.

plant pauper

Hi DLG, I should introduce you to my mum. You could take patience management classes together. 

Glyphosphate is a treatment, not a magic potion. I understand only too well that at the first glink of sunshine you want the nasties to be gone and the pretties to be pretty. Gardening is a bit of a waiting game.

Bob's advice is sound. Treat everything......wait.....WAIT.......and then treat the reoffenders! Meanwhile, plant your lovelies and tend to them while you're.....that's right....waiting. It'll be worth it. Good luck and be sure to post your progress.


Hopefully Davylovesgravy isn't still waiting for the glyphosate to work - he treated his weeds in 2013 


😂😂😂 dovefromabove, thanks for starting my day off with a chuckle!

If you want to go organic, use a mix of white vinegar (1 gallon), liquid dishwashing soap (1 tablespoon), 1 cup of table salt).  Put mix into a garden sprayer, and douse the weeds.  The soap will act as a surfactant and help to soak the weeds better.  It may day 2/3 days longer to see the effect, but the weeds will die.  Any that don't immediately, repeat the dose.  Much safer than Glyphosate in my view and you don't need to exclude children or pets from the garden whilst doing it.  Glyphosate has been considered a potential carcinogenic chemical, so I don't use it.  Obviously lots of people do use it and come to no obvious ill effect but I'd rather reduce my odds.


plant pauper

Oh for goodness sake. He's probably concreted by now. I hate this new format! I thought "latest posts" would mean latest posts. Silly me! I wonder whatever happened...????

Hey - easy!  Its still relevant advice!!  Other people might find it useful, and its still relevant today.  Lots of people still have weeds!!

plant pauper

Not me!  No weeds here. Move along....nothing to see.. Those big yella things in the lawn? Gonna be finch food any day now.

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