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I bought 1/2 dozen fuschia plugs about 3 weeks ago, there is now a brown tinge to the leaves and some of the growing tips seem to have shrivelled up and gone crispy I don't know if its been too cool at night or too hot in the day. in the green house it got very warm. 

They are not dry and have been potted on into a six cell bedding tray. Any idea what is upsetting them?

Geraniums are growing in similar conditions either growing well or dying back...

Do they need a feed yet? maybe liquid feeds i have are baby bio and tomato feed.



i forgot to fleece last night hopefully they will recover they have been quite strong up to now.



That's a shame, Blackest, how annoying for you , hope they survive. I've been lucky, received petunia plugs by post last week, the carton was freezing cold and they were all shrivelled and died next day. I complained to the supplier and they apologized and promised to send another lot. Just hope it's above 0 deg. in the next few days.

They have been too cold, i think it would be best to cut the dead bits off, bring them indoors for while, they will recover, they will shot out from the base.

 Hope this picture shows enough.

tthank you for all the advice.



Sue T

If you haven't got a heated greenhouse then cover them with horticultural fleece or even bubble wrap. Tuck it underneath the tray too. It keeps a couple of degrees of frost off.

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