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I wondered about otter, but can't imagine what they'd be after 


I vote for any of the mustelid species mentioned.


Winter - that's not a word I've heard before -mustelid. What's the definition?

John Harding

You say you live near woodland but not where that woodland is. If it's anywhere near Gloucestershire/ Forest of Dean it's probably wild boar which is a real problem at the moment - but then again, if you do live in the Forest of Dean you would probably know all about that. Residents lawns and gardens have been totally destroyed. Roadside verges look as though they've been very untidily ploughed up with an excavator, otherwise Badgers but they are nocturnal and it is unlikely they would be the culprit during the day.


Mustelids are mammals that belong to the weasel family. Mustelids include 65 species (and 25 genera) of weasels, badgers, ferrets, fishers, grisons, martens, and such like.



Sorry to hear about your garden Charlotte.

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