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 I began removing grass that had grown over a path today and found these small white 'eggs' in a number of locations. Does anyone know what they are and if I should leave them alone (friendly insect eggs) or get rid of them (not so garden friendly eggs)?


Those look like slug or snail eggs, marodj..

Edit: I meant to add that now you have uncovered them the birds will probably eat them.  If not, I would dispose of them, personally.


I agree - I'd expose them and let the birds and hedgehogs have a picnic.  If they've not all gone within a couple of days then scoop them up and dispose of in a bin. 


How big are they? They look too big to be slug and snail eggs, which are small and you can squish them easily.

They're pretty small (3mm-5mm or so in diameter). I have scooped them up and left for the birds and will be looking for other nurseries tomorrow! Thanks for your help.



Difficult to get perspective from photos as times!


And modern cameras on macro settings .................... 

flowering rose

snails ,feed to fish they love them and you will have less snails and slugs,

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