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Those are quite stylish - I think I'd plant them with something equally stylish - ornamental grasses

keeping to one variety in each planter.  

Oh, not terribly good for bees ..........................  but very good for birds 


I'll have another think ........................................................................


flowering rose

well,summer bedding plants for a bright display if and when the sun comes out,spring fill with primulas or all manner of plants its a personnel thing.if you go to a good garden center you will see plants that might inspire you.That's the best i can say as it is what you like that counts.

Simple classy style containers....I would plant a single red cordyline or Phormium in one with convolvulus mauritanicus .....purple blue cascading flowers all summer....flowing over the side
Convolvulus cneorum .....lovely velvety silver foliage and pure white flowers another.
Three upright red pelargoniums in the third.
A classy trio. Little watering.
Top dress the lot with white gravel or blue slate an alternative to cordyline or Phormium I agree with Dove about ornamental grasses too. I simply love grasses and grow several. Consider a beautiful blue grass called Elymus's also evergreen and still match blue convolvulous. Or, how about carex Comans Bronze? This has a fountain of fantastic foxy red foliage. I grow this in a container myself.
For the bees Ryan, why not grow some annuals in terracotta pots at the base of your zinc ones? I rest my case!


Thankyou guys, just working out prices of the plants you've suggested and it's not gonna be cheap! But I'm sure they'll look amazing, especially if someone with loads of knowledge suggests them

Got to say, I absolutely LOVE the idea of planting annuals in terracotta pots, I have all different sizes, so what size pot shall I plant them in? And also, would I be able to get away with sowing them indoors (the annuals)?

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have something very similar to these, several in fact of differring sizes, and I fill them with hostas, which look good in an elegant planter like this. I can also control slugs and snails more easily with REAL pellets whilst not putting pets and wildlife at risk. I got them through last year with hardly a hole or shred in sight. Very lovely to look at. At moment they are hard up against the house for shelter and wisely are still hibernating. When warmth arrives I can easily move into position on patio.

When I plant a collection of something in pots I go for varying sizes. The variation adds to the effectiveness of the dispaly...bit like a flowerbed with smalls at the front, larger behind. Large pots can have several plants (I would limit the variety to one for effect) with even very small pots having a single plant. Experiment for yourself you will love the results and take your ideas into next year's season.

Ryan, yes use your terracotta pots...bigger the better really but you can be as flamboyant as you like with the plantIng. The classy stuff is in your zinc planters. Yep, sow annuals now. Maybe open a thread, "What annuals can I sow for summer colour"?
I think you are going to have a brilliant arrangement us photos in mid summer?

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