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Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of garden voles? I have hundreds in my garden and just don't know how to deal with them.  I have 8 raised beds and they are in every one of them plus elsewhere in the garden. I heard that if you flatten their runs and block up the holes that will force them to move on but it doesn't seem to be working. I am at my wits end and sick of them pushing up seedlings and young plants.  Anyone got any ideas?


Definately get a cat - ours are catching them all the time, but not from our garden!


We have a cat but she is 18 and too arthritic to catch voles.  Besides, all the beds have 2 foot high chicken wire around them to keep out the rabbits!!!!  Also keeps out cats!!  Plus the beds are also at least 2 foot high on one side (we live on a very steep slope). Anyone else got any suggestions?


My garden is undermined with them. Good owl food but not enough owls



 A cat friendly  Jack Russell would probably sort out the voles and the rabbits as well.


Would your resident cat object too much to a lively newcomer?   She could laze in the sun and keep her arthritic bones warm, while the youngster deftly leaps over the wire and snaffles the voles! 


Thanks everyone but I don't think cats and dogs are the answer.  Appreciate your help though.



Hmmm - am just starting to notice this problem in my raised veg beds too.

So far, just a few holes but I know there are lots of critters under the nearby hedges. I  tried poking sticks down the holes, then flooding them with water before filling them in  & sticking a large stone at the top for good measure.

A few days on and the holes have not reappeared. Will let you know if this is a temporary or permanent solution.

PS. I wondered why my cat had taken a sudden interest in these beds a few weeks ago - guess I found out the reason. Might need to remind him of his duties if he wants cuddles and biccies.



Hi Topbird, yes I tried this method too but it didn't work.  They just pop up somewhere else.  Even thought of pushing mothballs down the holes so the smell would keep them away but didn't think it would do the veg much good!

Joe The Gardener - I think your solution is probably the best. There are only so many voles a cat or owl can eat, and with quantity I have I think more drastic measures are called for. We have 4 acres of land and most of it is riddled with voles so will be on to the local pest-controller on Monday.

Thanks for your help everyone.


I have a plague of voles, hundreds of holes. Many of them are in rings around trees and I'm concerned because I know that in winter they will eat the bark and probably kill the trees.  I've had my local pest control chap in and he'd never seen anything like it.  He's put poison in some, but can't do several hundred. He said it would take several visits but how he'll know where he put the poison goodness knows.  I cut the grass today and there are loads more holes 


  We need more barn owls, they will eat the voles  but if they eat poisoned voles they too will die 


There's a shortage of barn owls - they tell us it's because of a shortage of bank voles due to the floods last year.


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