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i am in the process of planting out my geranium plants  the leaves are turning red after a few days in the ground,anyone have any idea what this is, is it a problem if so how do I approach it.




Do I take it these are bedding geraniums/pelargoniums?  It's what they do sometimes - have they had a bit of a shock?  Were they hardened off properly or have they been a bit too dry?  

It's probably just their reaction to being transplated and a change in their environment - I wouldn't worry about it - take off the red leaves if you don't like them 

Yes, it's just the new and different conditions.  I quite like the reddish foliage.  Resist the urge to overwater outside in the ground too


Yes, I like it too Verdun - a bit  more colour in the garden 

Dovefromabove and  verdun thank you I will do as you say thanks





The reason for Zonal Pelargoniums (bedding geranium) leaves turning red is that the temperature around them is too low. It is nothing to do with watering unless the plants are very dry at the roots - not likely as you are tending to them.

They will return to green when the temperature comes back to their liking.

Agree with that bigolob.  I only added the water bit as a separate point and not for the cause,of leaves reddening.  I have seen so many pelargoniums ruined by overwatering in the garden.....pelargoniums need very little extra watering if outside

Thank you Verdun, I agree with your comments on watering.

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