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Hi - One and all.                                                                                                I need the Help of fellow Gardeners, who grow Gerbera flowers, when these plants are in their Flower Pots, everything is all right, but as soon as i transfare them from Flower-Pots to garden they go back on me,

I suffered the the very same experience last year but though i had picked the wrong location to put them in where they had direct Sunshine all day long.

Now because these Flowers come in many colours and always look good these are flowers i really want to have in my Flower Garden.

Any Help that can be offered will be appreciated and it will save these plants from ending up in the compost bin before their time.

I do hope a fellow gardener of flowers can Help me here.

Ra - Noo...

John McVicar...

I grow the new "hardy" varieties. Some white, pink and red and they survived outside and still in flower. I grew one in a pot and it was superb, for a while in the spring. I moved it nearer to the kitchen window in more shade and it sulked. I find they flower sporadically though, of enough at one time. However, in my front garden where it is sandier and prob sunnier they did best. ..not THE John McVicar?

Hi - Christopher 2...                                                                                      Thanks for your response to my question, on how to bring Gerbera back from the brink, but what I really need to know Chris... Is how can i bring them back once they start failing, hope you know what i mean here.

I took out about six inches of soil twelfth inches in circumference, enough to put in two six inch potted plants at the bottom of the hole i put in a layer of well rotted ten years to be exact mushroom compost, on top of that i put in ah springaling of blood-fish-&-bone, put in the potted Gerbera plants, back filled in around firmed it up, then gave the Gerbera plants ah good soaking, that day they looked fine, the next day they looked ah bit limp, and so far they have not improved, one bit.

So Christopher what i am looking for is someone who may have the right antidote. To bring my Gerbera plants, back to how they should be, do you have that answer or do you know somone who may have the answer, to share with ah fellow flower gardener.

This i feel is the information i trully need to know, wee grow plants like they are new life, and wee then want them then to have that life, in the Flower Garden wee have created for them.

Thanks for coming back to me Christopher 2... As ah fellow gardener and it was great to hear you also grow Gerbera Plants as well and it has been good to corresponding with you on our Gerbera Flowers.




High-ruchill. I feel pretty sure you have over fed your gerbera. Too much of everything - compost and fertiliser. They are drowning in your ground. They like normal soil, driy and warm conditions. It's good to enrich your soil but you have done too much. I suggest you dig them up and replant without adding any compost or just a little of it. It's like giving a baby a steak when all it can handle is milk....make sense?

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