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I have a SEVERE infestation of woodlice in my walled Brighton garden.  It probably originated from the railroad ties used to border the raised beds perhaps a decade ago, but it is out of control.  They are under every pot, in the soil, it is driving me crazy.  In addition to the planted areas, I have about 20 plants in pots and they get in and eat the roots.  I am not one for pesticides but I need to get these under control I do not want to use some of the "organic" ways to kill them, which seem very cruel as they take a long time to die by dehydration.  I feel the quickest way is the most humane, even if it involves a periodic lethal spray in certain areas.


Wilkos ant and crawling insect powder will kill them. Cheap at only £1 and easy to use.

or if you prefer a spray dethlac spay will also do the job. It is a bit more expensive at around £4 and is also stocked by wilkos or most garden centres and diy sheds.

Thank you very much for this.


Glad to hear you're not one for pesticides

We all know how much damage they do, even if we pretend they don't so we can have our instant fix.

And nobody would use a pesticide on something as harmless as woodlice would they?

Well done Cara and Sussex Sun. 


I ignore them unless they're in the bottom of a flowerpot I want to use. Then I tip them out. I'm not aware of them eating any of my live plants but some other members disagree.


Blue Onion

I have them all over the garden, and they've never done a bit of harm.  They are great composers.. eating up the bits of last years leaves I've used as mulch around my direct sown seeds (which the woodlice don't bother).  

They aren't eating your plant roots.. just the compost mix.  

What????  Get a grip!  Woodlice don't harm anything.  Maybe try reading up on them before getting trigger-happy.  They are really useful, breaking down rotten wood and the like.

You might have vine weevils, on the other hand.......

Woodlice will eat seedlings and love a nice ripe strawberry straight off the plant.

As the females breed asexually one female can produce around 200 young which live around 4 years each. Who will also continue to produce young. Sometimes there is just too big a colony to tempt them into a wood pile or compost heap and they need to be controlled.

Jury's out on this one, clearly.  Never had any issues with them at all and would certainly never go out of my way to kill them.

They've been around longer than humans. Good on 'em.  Hope they'll still be around when we've wrecked the planet and disappeared!  They probably know something we don't...


yeah, OK. funny I've never noticed this damage in all my gardening years

I prefer a garden full of life not death 


Muddle-Up says:


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 The question is M-U, are we in the majority or the minority?

There are shelves and shelves of stuff to kill things, all waiting in the GCs. You could get the impression they're essential to gardening. 


Blimey - it's a miracle I have anything growing then - the amount of woodlice we have! The only things that 'share' my strawberries are the slugs, snails and birds!  

Well done Blue Onion with your Woodlice composers.  I'd get them signed up immediately if I were you before anyone else catches on

Sorry - couldn't resist

I don't kill them - never noticed them decimating anything - they are interesting little creatures if you care to look.

I can think of other forms of life which also "need to be controlled" but I believe you can fall foul of the law on such occasions - crime drama fans will know that one I'm sure. 


Maybe they need re-branding. Labybirds and butterflies should not have it all their own way! What about woodbirds?


Well, we will all know what to blame if the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral starts to crumble Ladybird

Blue Onion

Names include:"armadillo bug""boat-builder" (Newfoundland, Canada)"butcher boy" or "butchy boy" (Australia, mostly around Melbourne)"carpenter" or "cafner" (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)"cheeselog" (Reading, England)"cheesy bobs" (Guildford, England)"chiggy pig" (Devon, England)

I like the name cheeselogs.  Shall we have a vote?  I think B3 is right.. they need a renaming.  

Where I grew up in Pennsylvania, we called them sow bugs.  

Mike Allen
Ladybird4 says:

I cannot believe that you would kill woodlice. They don't do any harm to living plants as they live on dead and decaying material in soils. Make them a little log pile and persuade them to move in there.

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 I totally agree with Ladybird, an ecologist.  Why is it that so many, perhaps inocently attack our vertebrates.?


I vote 'chiggy pig'