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Help! We made some 2' high raised veggie beds in a corner of our new garden last summer - not realising there were daffodils deep in the soil in that area. 

The bulbs have sprouted in the beds and I need to get rid of them. I estimate the bulbs must be a good 3 feet below the surface of the beds & impossible to dig out without dismantling the beds. Does anybody know if glyphosphate is effective against bulbs? (I realise I might have to apply it for several years to get rid of them) or any other suggestions to deal with the problem? 

It will work-but why not just dig down a bit and cut off the leaves?-say a foot or so ??

In time you will weaken the bulb and it will give up


I'd do as lazy gardener. There were some not very floriferous daffs in a patch of grass when we came here. A few years' mowing and they'd gone


Thanks for the suggestions so far. I did remove the leaves to about 10" below soil level a few weeks ago but they are already showing through again. Encouraged to hear it probably is a matter of just persistently trying to weaken the bulb over a few seasons.

I was thinking that a bit of chemical help would speed things along - just wasn't sure whether glyphosphate worked on bulbs or not.

Spanish bluebells, Steve J - I understand - have a similar problem with celandines all over the place - pretty - but looking way too much like weeds now!


Having second thoughts about this-bulbs 3 foot down are unlikely to have the energy to grow that high-and you say you cut off the leaves a few weeks ago

Are you sure these are daffodills-have they flowered??


Definitely daffodils / narcissi. One or two flower buds - most are blind. Tenacious little blighters aren't they? I was suprised they were shooting from that far down - but they are.

Do you think chemicals might be my friend here?

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