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OK.  Anyone know how to control or get rid of Oxalis cornularis please?  Or do I just learn to enjoy it!!  Its in a large bowl with cactus in it - the long narrow ones with lots of prickles and extensions.  Is there a broad-leaved herbicide that would not hurt the cactus?

Paint the oxalis with round up gel Christine.

Thank you Verdun.  Yes, I was thinking along similar lines.  Would the gel be thin enough to manoeuvre a small brush between and cacti?  Will give it go though.  I cannot think of any other way.  Twould be a very prickly job to empty the bowl of cacti and pick out the oxalis!  Thank you again.

Use cardboard or hardboard pieces to keep cacti safe and away from the gel.  A cloudy dry day is better than a hot sunny one too.  

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