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Last year I achieved in my eyes my perfect lawn. It looked great:

This year I've followed the same steps but I'm just not happy with it, maybe I'm being too picky, maybe I've made a mistake (over/under fed, over/under watered) or maybe it's too early to see the results I want?

Here's what I've done (pictures below):

  1. Evergreen 4in1
  2. Scarify
  3. Evergreen multi purpose seed
  4. MiracleGro Patch Magic
  5. Watered with MiracleGro Liquafeed once
  6. Watered with sprinkler every 2 days
  7. Evergreen Extreme Green

First cut

First treatment: Applying Evergreen 4in1

13 days later a few scorch patches, and also uneven lines of dark/light green


Patch magic applied, uneven colours are starting to show (far left side is dark green)


Applied Evergreen Extreme Green (spreader)


So now the Extreme Green has scorched my lawn (my fault obviously), and I've seen no improvement with the colour.

I have a few questions I hope anyone can help with:

  1. Is there anything I've missed above/done wrong?
  2. How often should I be watering?
  3. What cutting height should I use? I currently use between 2" - 2.5"

Sorry for the long post, I'm just trying to sort it before summer.

Wow, thats still a lovely looking lawn, well done!

Although i can't contribute to your problems, but have just started a similar routine myself, which i think i screwed up instantly by messing up the 4-in-1, so watching the thread with interest!


Also watching with interest as the new  lawned area  has been an unmitigated disaster (not helped by seeding to early then having (what felt like)  nothing but cold days and no sun until last week..



I have shown this to my husband ( who is very keen on his lawn!) and asked him what he thinks.

Assuming you are not growing a lawn for the children/grandchildren to play on, 2.5 inches is a little long. He would keep watering say twice a week (assuming you have no rain), to try & dissipate the lawn food. He has noticed that on the lawn feed packets they often refer to a handful as being 35g ( I think I have this right) but unless you have really small hands it is often much more than that, so he has pinched my old kitchen scales and uses them to measure feed to get an accurate measurement - told you he was keen.

The problem with the type of spreader that you have to put the Evergreen on ,is that when you get to the end & turn around, you get an excess of feed in that area, which causes the scorching.

He measures the area using canes and broadcasts by hand (using gloves of course).  

Hope this is of some help.


Ann your hubby must be very lawn-proud! 

I strive for such perfection but with my daughter and dog both having a ridiculous notion that a lawn is for PLAYING on it's an on-going challenge for me!



Well, it keeps him out of mischief !


A keen lawn man I know said that his life changed when he got one of those devices that distribute the lawn feed mechanically; it is so much more accurate

Thanks all.

Today it's got worse, to the point I'm worrying the lawn is dying.

Does PH play a big part? I read 6.5-7 is ideal, but checking tonight the 'good' grass is around 4.5, and the patchy/yellow grass is around 6.5.

The 'wet' meter is off the scale at 10.

Spiking CJ?  Important.  Top dressing?

I have a good lawn.....looking brilliant right now I think.

Years back I wanted the perfect lawn.  Fine grass seed, twice or even more cutting a week, hands and knees weedIng out rogue grasses, regular monthly feeds, scarifying in the autumn, lawn grub killer in the autumn, spiking in the autumn, autumn feed, top dressing in early spring and,of course, regular weekly,or twice weekly watering.  A cylinder mower and grass mown in alternate directions.  Actually mown in 4 directions includIng diagonally.  A low cut too to encourage the fine grasses

However, it was bloomin hard work. 

I now raise the cut, use a cordless rotary mower, feed in spring with lidls lawn feed, apply lawn weed spot killer. ....dont get many weeds.....water weekly and mow in different directions.  I also apply a couple of liquid summer feeds.  This autumn I will apply nemarodes for leather jackets and chafers.  

The lawn is now easy.  I have a lawn at the back too that is treated similarly but not so fastidiously.  They are lawns to play on, to sit on, for the dog to lie on (he doesnt foul it at all) and a lawn to set off my plantIng.

I would never apply lawn feed in the the evening if I can......and never rely on rain to fall.  I immediately water it in.  I would not use feed n weed on dry soil either.  

Not sure about the PH levels for grass.  Always assumed not too acid or too alkaline ...mine is neutral.......would be fine. 


Hi Verdun.

No spiking or top dressing.

Where should I go from here? I'm assuming the products I've added are still working there way into the soil, so am I best holding off doing anything this week?

Should I start overseeing again? Hold off on watering until my meter states it's dry?

Mike, it is so lovely to hear from you again; hope you are feeling better.

I have always thought that lawns are best left to men, they seem to care about them passionately, I only have a tiny one and it is the most neglected area of my garden. I simply can't get very enthusiastic about a large area of green: flowers and veg just seem so much more interesting

Thanks Mike.

Would you suggest I still water the scorched areas even though the soil (to the touch and meter reader) is wet?

I've never watered during the day, only late after the sun has passed the garden.


I sense you are over zealous. Over anxious. 

Why the water meter?  

You need to use some logical self judgement I think.  It sounds like your lawn is over wet

Let your lawn be for a spell.  As I explained earlier, I too had ideas of a perfect lawn so I understand the fastidiousness involved. Almost the obsession of it 

Watering the scorched area again will now do nothing to green it.  Wait and see if grass responds.  If it dies there lightly rake it out, scratch the soil itself and re seed.  I would not reseed it right now though ...see how it is in a week's time.  

I really domt think the grass will scorch if watered during the day but why do it then?  Evening is best because there is less evaporation that's all.  

You can overfeed .....well, as you can with everything......grass and this simply makes it susceptible to disease.  


 C J I admire your dedication and understand your need for gardening perfection.  But Verdun's advice seems sound.  Just think, you could have my lawns!!!!


Daisyheadcase......what a delightful name .........I've come to realise that beauty in the garden, principally the lawn, is second to enjoying it.  Mine is a good lawn and proud of it but, as I have already said, it is used too. Your garden looks like its a fun place to be and that's great 


Ah, are too kind.  It is fun but it needs a lot of work after 5 years of neglect.  And it's quite large so I find it hard to keep up as I work full-time.  I'm actually planning to dig up the near lawn a section at a time and reseed, unfortunately I'm a bit ill at the moment and so it's all come to a bit of halt.  One day my lawn will be nice, but like you say, so long as it's nice to walk and play on and the dandelions are few and far between, then I'll be happy.

Morning Daisyheadcase,

Oh, sorry you are a little ill.  

You will get there with your lawn but it's best to reeeeeelax if you can in your garden, chill out and not worry about it too much. 

Have nice sunny day 


Daisy, as an interim measure, I would just mow the lawn on a high setting once a week. maybe a bit of autumn feed when the autumn rains come. Digging up the lawn and reseeding is a major project and it looks like you have plenty to be going on with. My lawn is more weeds than grass, but kept mown, its a green patch that has the same effect if you don't look too close.


Thanks fidget, you are right.  Probably a bit of edging with the half moon might make it look a bit tidier too.