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can anyone tell me what to do with my gladiolia, do I leave it in, or if I dig them up, do I wait until the leaves die back?


Hi Lynne, I think most people lift them and replant the following year as they're not completely hardy, but sometimes they survive if you're in a favourable part of the country or have a sheltered garden. especially if they have  a good mulch over them.  Always best to wait till the foliage has died back as that feeds the bulb/corm, but if you're worried about severe weather arriving before that happens, you could lift them and put into pots of compost under cover somewhere to let them die back. 

Unless you want to move them to another part of the garden, I'd leave them where they are.  Mine stay in the ground all year until they need splitting up. Others may have different advice tho so best hang on for a few more replies 

Oops FGirl..........posts crossed  At least I was right about the different advice tho


I grew them for the first time this year and decided I really didnt like them  so I dug them up.




I've grown some Acidanthera for the first time this year, but I think they'd die if I left them in the ground here. Might leave some and see what happens 

FGirl............always a quandary isn't it ?  I'm about to panic because I decided to risk some of my tall Cacti by planting them tight against a south facing wall.  They have become too big and heavy to move from garden to the g/h every winter.  Now of course, everyone is forecasting a long hard cold winter.  I suppose I may have to dig them up and repot them again.  If I do that, another mild winter should be guaranteed


Could you arrange a little fleecy greenhouse round them philippa? Fasten some battens to the wall, or even just vine eyes and wire, and then attach a few layers of fleece if there's going to be a bad spell of weather. Seems a helluva job to lift and shift them all. 

My Acidantheras are in one of my raised beds and the soil's light and free draining so it's worth a punt, but in an ordinary border here I'd lift them - I actually wouldn't bother growing them at all to be honest. Our winters are just too wet and they'd rot in the clay soil even with plenty of grit dug in. 

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