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My main dilemma is trying to eradicate Butterbur , Sumach ( and Celandine) from my planting areas...........I have been working on the principle of lifting shrubs which I wish to retain and digging out or weedkilling the offenders.

However, there does come a point where some stuff has to be replanted into what "should" have been a cleared area.  I did this with a Peony earlier this year..........Peony flowered beautifully and thrived BUT unfortunately so did the Butterbur which is now growing thru the Peony.

As both my Peony and I are getting a bit fed up with the constant moving, I did wonder about spraying the butterbur whilst in will be difficult to separate the leaves but could be done at a push.

Knowing that Glyphosate travels down the roots to kill the offender, does anyone know as the roots of my Peony are thoroughly entwined by the Butterbur roots, if the glyphosate would affect the Peony too ?

I ask because I have been doing the same thing with Sumach suckers and a nearby Choisya, whilst not the best specimen in the world, looks even worse than it did last year.

Any ideas or advice/info would be very welcome.....thanks...




It will only affect the paeony if it gets on the leaves Philippa. I'd paint it on, it always seems to affect something else if sprayed


Glyphosate only kills what it touches. It can't leach through the roots into the soil and affect anything else, indeed it's neutralised by soil. Providing you've kept a barrier between weed  and host plant, you should be fine. The trouble might be, that you've lifted some weed along with your plants.

Thanks least the Peony will be relieved it doesn't have to move yet again

I had thought it shouldn't leach but there are times when you wonder


It didnt work on celandine in my garden, I sprayed it on, it all died, brill,... next year it was all up again.

I have also found the same with brambles, i dug it all out, but a few roots were right in under the bank, having died with the glysophate, they are now all shooting out again. Nature is hard!



I would use that roundup gel should be possible jus t to get the butterbur leaves, and save the peony.

I use short canes to tie up or separate plamts from weeds before spraying.  Even cutting off some stems.  Sheets of cardboard or anything again to separate plants from weeds

I think spraying is more effective than painting glyphosate.  Safer too

Has to be 5 to 6 hours of dry weather of course but cloudy comditions are better than sunshine for,the weedkiller I think


There may be a "best time" too.  I'm going through the same process with ground elder.  Separately leaves out and spraying works but it's slow going.  For ground elder I find the best time is end may/early june.  Hit it then whilst in full growth and it's gone for the season.  Earlier or later and there's patchy regrowth.

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