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Little weeeed

I found this fellow on my Trumpet flower leaves.  It's not too big and looks like a dead leaf.  Can anyone tell me what it is (I suspect some kind of moth), is it friend, foe or neither and where would it have come from?  Does this mean I have caterpillars If so I can see no sign of any.


I put him on the wooden edge of a flower bed and he is stil there so not too lively!

 Can anyone help?






It look like a moth, though which one I have no idea. You won't have caterpillars unless it has laid eggs which then hatch out. Food plants for moths and butterflies and the foodplants for their caterpillars are not always the same. So the adult moth may feed on your plant, but it lays eggs somewhere else


Nutcutlet's good at identifying moths, but she's got internet probs at the moment - don't think it's going to do your plants any harm - it's probably flown away in the night, but if not  pop it in a cool dark corner - most moths prefer to spend the day in the shade. 

Gorgeous creatures 

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