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Hi, I am new to this particular forum and am loomking for help. I have (Iassume) a disease affecting my gooseberry plants. They are young plants and are a mixture of bought ones and ones grown from cuttings. I had a poor year last year and had some leaf die back in the autumn. I cut out the affected branches and left them over winter. This year the came into bud normally and over the last couple of weeks apart from one bush they have lost the vast majority of their leaves.

Can I save these plants or do I have to burn them?

Sounds like an attack of gooseberry saw-fly if the leaves disappeared that quickly

Hiya david

Definitely gooseberry sawfly.....caterpillars will devastate a bush in couple of days. ,it weakens the bush but will not kill it.

Solution is to,look for caterpillars in early spring,and physically remove them.  Insecticides work too but I don't like to spray food.

Dont burn your bushes.  Feed them now.  You can spray with a winter wash that kills gooseberry sawfly larvae in the autumn/winter.....I would do this.  


Thanks very much for these comments

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