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Hi all, what sort of granular fertilizer should I use in the preparation of a small plot of ground I want to turf over. It will only need a small amount so I don`t want a great big bag or tub of the stuff, cheers,cresser.

Hi cresser

I use organic fertilisers but for the lawn I suggest Gromore.  This is because I feel foxes, badgers, etc may be tempted to dig for the organic comtent, viz., fish, blood bone, etc 

I would be tempted to use autumn lawn food.....may be a little cheaper right now.

Thankyou Verdun, I`m off to the store now.......... Cheers. cresser.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Autumn lawn food will help with root development, but not too much green topgrowth (which would be a problem as we go into winter ),

Woody, come the spring come the summer....high nitrogen feed.   Then watch the grass grow.      I get lawn food from Lidl in the spring.  It's cheap and very good.


Woodgreen wonderboy

I must try it... I normally have to buy it by the lorry load! 6 large bags minimum.

Forgot garden large scale.  Very envious 

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