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Hi, there, can anyone help me with my grass problem, it looks a yellow/dead colour at the moment. Am I cutting it too short?

Alina W

Difficult to know without seeing it. Was it very long before you cut it? That would leave it yellow/brown. It should green up as it grows.

yeah, I have  a lawn out the back also, and the grass is perfect there. I remember I lowered the blades on the mower, so maybe that`s the problem. The grass out back is perfect though. If I leave it for a couple of weeks, and raise the blade a notch will the colour come back?

Alina W

It certainly should do, yes.


Alina W

If it gets dry, yes. Basically, just give it a bit of tlc for a couple of weeks. You should see results very soon.

That reply was a good help to me thanks i have the same problem

Paulie walnuts check for chafer grubs a d leatherjackets in soil. They eat roots of grass at this to,e of the year. If you,lowered the mower blades dramatically it would affect grass but as for watering ....WELL, look at the weather. Grass is wet emoigh

It does help when answering questions that posters read the date of the question-Christopher???-this is an old thread


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