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dongs, cats and grass don't mix, without harming my pets is there anything i can use on the grass to stop this



Ive seen something that you can put in pets drinking water that stops this - have a search on google. I havent used anything but I know how annoying it can be as I used to have two westie bitches that marked the lawn.  I cant imagine that the product hurts dogs as I have seen different versions of it on a number of websites.

thank you both, i am confused now, how will tomato ketchup work ?

I never even knew that would work! thanks guys!


Can vouch for tomato sauce, we give our dog sardine in Tom sauce. Seems to work. Or there are something called dog rocks, which are quite pricey. Best just keep the dog off the lawn and train the dog where to urinate.

Edd i did try ketchup in her food but she just did not like it, but Greg4 you said sardine in Tom sauce so i tried that, she wont eat her food now without them lol

thanks you both so much for that. i can see a big different to my lawn, but grass seeds down and  new grass growing nicely

again than you

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