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Can anyone tell me where I can get relatively small (domestic not contracting) quantities of grass seed in paper / textile mats to use on steep (50 degree or so) banks? Or suggest other techniques suitable for DIY use?


Just an idea, but you could make your own. Jumbo trays with a few holes in, compost and soil with some sort of mesh part buried, then seeded. That's gonna be some job to mow that. 

I have planted Burnet instead of grass on my banking as the grass and mud kept getting washed away. It has strong root system so holds together banks to help stop soil erosion. It attracts butterflies and bees and the leaves are edibile. It also looks quite pretty with its dark pink/ burgundy flowers. I put mesh on my bank to try to hold some compost.


what a good idea. I wondered if it might not be such a good idea to grass an area. Strimming and mountain goat are a couple of words that come to mind. Been, there, done that! 

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