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We've just returned from 2 weeks' holiday and haven't been able to mow the grass, which is too long and wet.  Should I invest in a scythe or is there a mower on the market to deal with this problem (we do need a new one)?  I suppose the alternative is to leave it until it dries, but that doesn't happen here during winter, as we are in a bit of a valley!

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I think perhaps leave it now as the ground will be far to wet .


It is a problem isn't it? We mow the grass when it's a bit wet, but when it's long and wet we tend to wait a bit. I have a good lawn mower that can cope with long grass.


It always looks worse after you've mowed it when it's like that but it will be right b..... in spring if you don't. I don't know enough about mowers to know what sort would cope best

Thank you for your replies.  What lawn mower do you have Busy-Lizzie?  I've just posted a response to a request for feedback on mowers and various questions on cutting the grass to a student of design & technology who is undergoing a project on redesigning a mower for older gardeners.  Hope he comes up with the solution!  I'm enjoying this Forum!



I have a small, rotary, petrol, mulching mower with a Honda engine, a big Honda rotary mower and a Kubota tractor. But I have about an acre of garden and another acre of rougher ground to mow.

Mmm, thank you - a bit bigger than my plot!  However, I think a Honda might be a good option.  I'm doing the research.

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I have a rotary mountfield which does for long grass if pulled backwards... it's official!

Also has a wide range of height adjustment which also helps. Did my long, damp/wet grass today with no problems even if it did take longer than usual.... ooooooh I hurt!

Thank you - I also have a Mountfield rotary.  At last, it was dry enough to cut the grass today - looks so much better!  Determined to continue gardening throughout the winter, even if I can only do so in the GH during extreme conditions!


Thank you, Brumbull, I'll consider that option!

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