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Good morning,

I have some small ornamental grasses such as Pennisetum and was wondering if they have to be cut back in Spring, like I do with the miscanthus?

Thanks in advance!

Yes you can cut the dead foliage of Pennisetum away in spring, before new growth emerges (assuming the plants survive the winter - some aren't that hardy. Not all grasses are to be treated this way - Stipa tennuissima should be tidied up by giving it a 'comb' by running your hands through it. Dead foliage will come away and the rest is left in situ.

Swiss sue.  You don't menation what varieties of pennisetum you have.....some are extremely tender......pennesitum rubrum varieties need to be over wintered indoors at a min of 4degrees.

Agree with WillDB,  cut back most grasses in spring.  Here, where it's mild, I can get away with cutting them back in autumn and they are fine.  I also cut back tenuissima hard and divide them In spring.  


I think it's this one, Verdun "Pennisetum alopecuroides "Little Bunny", also a Briza, and a Stipa tenuissima.

Hiya Sue

you don't say if your briza is an annual or perennial but if perennial treat it and the others by cutting back in spring.  



Thanks, Verdun and WillB, will do as you recommend. If the briza doesn't survive the winter, I'll see if I can get a perennial one next year.

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