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I meant I put the mushed garlic round the plants - not mugs! ??????

 Flora rosa

Hi all, I've been buying ladybird larvae for a few years now, along with a ladybird house (detached all mod cons lol) and finally have them breeding all over the place ! Taken a good couple of years tho! Seen lots around and swear by them as my greenfly killer.  BUT I did buy actual ladybirds once and they all flew away - gutted !  Also buy slug nematode but still my baby plants are  being scoffed, so very interested in the garlic solution thanks, I will try that immediately and see if can save them. 

Ps - I've also been buying lacewing larvae and they also work really well-funny you should say but I haven't noticed many hoverflies either, wonder why ? 

happy gardening





I've been spraying fairy l. for the last few days having never seen so many greenfly.  What is surprising me, and which I think someone alluded to earlier on this thread, is that they are being found on plants which some of us have never seen them on before.

I went out early this evening and discovered thousands of them on a hellebore.  But, something weird is happening because underneath the hellebore is like a graveyard of thousands.  I had previously thought the white things I photographed were thrips but somebody tells me that the white things in these photos are greenfly at an early stage. I've never seen them near hellebores before.  The pictures are not very clear because they are so small but I've never seen a sight like this before.  Does anybody know what they are doing and why so many have suddenly just died.  Is it that they have bitten off more than they can chew with a hellebore?  Or are the white things left behind as they turn green and go onto the next stage.  I'm confused by all of this.  I'm sure some of you will have a very clear explanation for what is happening in these photographs.  I see there is a dead snail in the middle of it all.  There are (I hate to admit) a handful of  slug pellets around in this small spot.   Is this just a normal 'swarm' type behaviour thing?  I've never seen hundreds of them just lying on top of the soil before.  They ain't moving!

@sara: a simple bar of soap works wonders. lather the soap in your hands over a pot and use just enough water to transfer the suds into the pot. maybe an inch of water at the bottom, whisk this  up and apply to the plant all over. the suds are very effective and you can see which areas have been treated

ps; lather AMSAP as much soap as possible

plants enjoy the pampering!


Fedup me 

I have the dreaded greenfly all over my carnations. I've been up early in the morning with washing up liquid diluted in water and a cotton bud to get rid of the damn things.  And it works for a while, then would  you know  it, i had a good look yesterday at my carnations and the buds and stems were covered in the damn things.  I'm gonna try the cayenne pepper idea and the hand soap lava and see what happens

Hi to fellow gardeners and flower lovers

I'm really pleased with myself!!  Determined to kill or cure my  plants i set out on a mission to buy the cayenne pepper and a few bars of soap.  When i went to tackle the job though, the greenfly were so many i feared they were in danger of taking over the planet never mind killing my carnations and then turning their attention to my Marigolds, and Fuchsias i decided that waging war needed drastic measures so i uprooted all the plants in the planter then drowned the b*****s in cold water under the tap, i even drenched the roots.  A final close up inspections an hour or two later still revealed that one or two were stubbornly refusing to give in so i packed and despatched them forthwith, then tipped out the old compost that looked to me as though it was infested with greenfly eggs, loads of white specks amongst the compost.  Though i'm no expert,  i put new compost in John Innes no less and replanted my  plants.  Two day's later I've only sighted three greenfly which were quickly got rid off.  I'm spaying my plants with a heavy dose of washing up liquid and water daily.  My plant are recovering, the carnations in particular I'm really pleased with, not a blasted greenfly  in site ya victory, or just wishful thinking!!!!  

Any one out  there willing to try such drastic measures as well plse let me know how you got on.  

The intrepid greenfly killer 

i had my pea pods and strawberries covered in greenfly and white fly tried every thing i was told to with sprays nothing worked.

i was spraying in greenhouse with shropshire sea weed extract had a few prepared litres left and decided to spray pea pods with now i do it every 2 weeks the flies have gone seen none since give it a try. good luck.


Eileen - there won't be any greenfly eggs in your compost - greenfly only lay eggs in the autumn - they hatch in the spring and from then onwards the greenfly reproduce by the unfertilised females giving birth to live young which then also reproduce themselves 

as long as i dont get anymore but i did not know they were in the compost 

The kill or cure remedy did work, bit by bit it killed off my plants now they are all dead and buried, i've given them a burial the rubbish shoot!  . Ah! one marigold did survive and i'm keeping an eye on it.  As for the rest of the planter it is filled with poppy  seeds im hoping will germinate in this hot weather we are having. I like the tip about seaweed extract and thanks to Dovefromabove about the greenfly eggs, never knew that!!Anyone know anything about Black Fly they seem to be in the compost of another planter slowly killing the other plants. I've already lost two Lupins to the so and so's, now loosing other plants as well also my remaining Fushia seems to have some sort of rust infection and is slowly dying as well!! They say true love never runs smooth,  they should try being a gardener

6 Cloves of garlic peeled and sliced fine.
2 Hot Peppers Chopped fine.
2 Quarts of tap water (or purified water if you're soft).
1 Dollop of natural soap.
1 Spray bottle.

Warm the water on the cooker, add garlic an simmer on low for like 15mins. Mix in the peppers and soap, mix for a min, then funnel into spray bottle (cool with a bit of cold water). Spray your plants, will help with aphids, gnats, and others, but don't get it in your eyes cause it will sting like a bastard if your chillies are good enough.

Hi there I'm Paul greenfly is a problem this year on my roses and lady bird larvae and adult lady birds can be bought from suttons .com along with other natural critter eaters if you buy adult ladybird release them at not on affected area other wise they fly of in the day and they will do there job over night good look everyone 

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