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03/07/2013 at 07:46

Another winter casualty?

03/07/2013 at 10:07

Greenfly- I use cayenne pepper mixed into soapy water and just sprinkle over the affected area with a watering can. Worked really well on badly infested young aubegines.

03/07/2013 at 11:11

I like the cayenne pepper idea. With repeated sprays of soapy water we seem to have kept them off recently, but the honeysuckle has taken such a hammering it looks terrible. Gutting when all the other honeysuckle I pass locally is in rude health.

03/07/2013 at 22:03

They never seem to go for anyone else's plants, do they!

03/07/2013 at 22:42

ha. there are a lot of flats round here with communal gardens that will be managed by professionals. I tell you what... they look damn good. Whoever's doing it is a class act.

I tell myself they use loads of chemicals though, and that's how everything looks so beautiful.

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41 to 45 of 45 messages