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Dear all. I have just inherited my mother in laws greenhouse. It is about 25 years old and I have to taken it down ready to transport home. My problem is that all of the glass was sealed with something which appears a cross between blue tack and putty. It is still softish so comes off easily enough. Unfortunately the aluminium frame is such that it won't take rubber strip and have trawled the net today for a solution. An idea I have seen is to use silicon sealant but surely this will be fairly permanent and would make it difficult to replace any breakages.




Any help will be gratefully accepted.


Ivyhouse, great GH.

My aluminium GH has glass secured by clips on the outside, no "|putty" stuff. Clips are available at such places as B&Q.  My wooden one did have some sort of sealant holding glass in, but over time it has perished. Hope info' helps a bit. Sure others will reply.


I thought all the aluminium ones had either clips or 'rubber'  (probably plastic) strips

So did I nutcutlet ! I'm on my third greenhouse now in 44 years and they have all had the rubber strip. This frame has no lip to set the rubber on. KEF. Would you not put some form of cushion between the glass and frame before clipping ?



You need to buy a couple of packets of both of these, the putty looking stuff kept the draught out, you can buy a roll of thin rubber strip if you want to,  i havent bothered with it though. 


Thanks Lyn. I have managed to retain most of the clips and the little hangers. So you just have glass against metal then do you ? I only plan to use it for summer crops so the draught is not really a problem. If that works for you then I'll give it a go.


Thats how mine is, the little bead of rubber strip can go in there, but I dont use it.  I still have lettuces in there from Chrismas, and overwintered lots of plants.

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