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Can anyone help .what night and day temperature s do I need in my greenhouse in jan for sowing flowerseeds


What sort of flowers?  Tender annuals, hardy annuals, tender perennials, hardy perennials ... all sorts ... give us the names and we can advise you 

hello dovefromabove

the sort of flowers I am planting are;

begonias geraniums lupins cineraria stocks asters nasturtium salvia

marigold dahia morning glory nasturtium zinnia

also tomato plants

At the moment I am holding 75/80 by day and 60/65 over night

I started begonias on the 1st jan and have  5 trays up and running

also 3 trays of geranium's up and running   thank you look forward to your response ........mr2terry


Those temperatures sound warm enough, but won't it be expensive at this time of year?

But I think it is rather too early to be sowing nasturtiums and morning glory as they are quite fast growing and will be wanting to be planted outside long before it's warm enough. Same with tomatoes, unless they are greenhouse ones.

Which sort of marigolds, French or English? Too early for French, not hardy. Will you have room in the greenhouse for all the begonias, geraniums and dahlias once they all start growing bigger and needing to be potted on? They can't be planted outside until after the last frost, 2nd half of May.

I don't sow anything until March, but I don't sow begonias anyway, I buy plug plants as they take a bit of time, same with geraniums.

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