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Hi there, Apologies if this has previously been addressed but it would take me ages to search through previous posts.  I am partway through erecting a second hand greenhouse and so far the aluminium frame is now completed.  I am aware that some kind of seal will now need to be used before the glass is put in and was wondering whether it would be advised to use a foam based seal as opposed to rubber.  I do not know the make of the greenhouse so definitely looking for something universal.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I read something about that but it was said that it is a pain to remove if you ever need to replace a pane.  That's why I was hoping that a foam based seal might be recommended??  I really don't have much of a clue....very early stage novice lol


There is a company on ebay called Garden Construction Services, or GCS leisure buildings, for about 99p they will send you a load of samples so you can choose which looks right for your greenhouse.

Try looking on ebay under 'GLAZING AND WEATHER SEAL SAMPLES'

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