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Orchid Lady

Now that my GH is nearly built, I need to think about staging.  I have a potting bench (pictured below), one of those racks for seed trays and that's it, I forgot all about something to put my pots on!!

I was thinking of putting cucumbers at the back, tomatoes at the right hand side (as it gets more sun - is that right?) and my potting bench and seed rack on the left hand side.

Does anyone have recommendations, wooden, metal, 2 tier, 3 tier??  My GH is 6"x8" and looks like the picture 




I bought a very cheap flat pack wooden shelving unit in a supermarket (in France) and adapted it to be a longer 2 shelf one for the GH. I painted it with a non harmful wood preserver. In spring I put planks of wood on trestles as a temporary shelf for seedlings which I take down later to make room for the tomatoes. I have a potting bench as well, on the left. My toms go on the right.

Orchid Lady

I've just had an idea (watch out!!) I have some pallets which we were going to burn but I told OH not to chop up as I might find a use for them.....I could make a staging unit out of them??  Any suggestion it Edd that makes things with pallets??


I think it is and Gardengirl has started, there is a thread called "pallets".



I use these and I think they are great for basically a tenner each. I just make sure I tie the shelves on with string otherwise they wobble around a bit! 
Here's a link where you can buy them as a pack of 2 but you can buy them singly from places such as Asda & Wilkinsons. 

I have the same size GH as you and I have 2 of these staging units on either side

Orchid Lady

Fab, thank you Lizzie and Ed.  Both my boys are doing product design at school, maybe I could persuade them 


I think it would be well worth trying to make your own, as bought aluminium staging is very expensive.

On one side of my greenhouse I use trestles, with two layers of planking to form two stages. These work well and were cheap to make.

I find that I am always looking for more space for seed trays, cuttings, mini plants etc., so put in as much staging as you can.


David Matthews2

Wow! EDD - I'm full of admiration for your tinkerings!  My 'garage' currently houses several wannabee pallets that I rescued from skips last autumn. They're nicely dried out now, so I'll "Get on It" as Uncle Ray W says...

Steve the Gardening Vet

I recycled a slightly knackered examination table from work and added bits of a palette to form a second lower shelf!

Orchid Lady

How very strange that someone should post and bump this up when I am looking at staging.....spooky  

Not seen you post for a while Steve 

I have a potting bench so think I am going to pinch a shelving unit out of Oh's garage for now, he won't miss it 

Busy Bee2

Edd those things are amazing, and good to look at as well as being a practical re-cycling of stuff - only just spotted this thread. 

Hi End
Not sure if my post was received
Did you make the recessed potting bench? What was is the alloy please as going to attempt this many thanks

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