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I have recently put a greenhouse at the end of my drive ( lock blocks )  and have build a bench and staging.

I would like to try growing  1 or 2 things later in the year in 2 no 8' x 2' x 8"  deep approx wooden troughs.

Having NEVER had a greenhose before would like to know what to put in the troughs ?

1. what type of soil / compost

2. easy things to try gowing

Would be very thankful for any tips or advice especially on the type of compost ? to fill the troughs with .



The obvious one is tomatoes-grow well in all sorts of compost

Is the greenhouse heated?

Oakley Witch

I know you can grow winter salad leaves in a cold greenhouse

Oakley Witch

You can also grow peppers, chillies, Cucumbers, Melons and figs in the greenhouse

(I read the thread wrong lol)

Hi geoff and sam

The greenhouse is unheated but have a paraffin heater for when i try a few seeds later in the year.

You get the odd frost at night here anytime between jan - jan BONNIE SCOTLAND .

Anyway will give the peppers and chillies a go in the troughs.

I spoke to the garden ( EXPERT ) at the local garden centre yesterday ,told me would be best to grow some tomatoes in pots in  good quality growbags and leave the troughs for other things .

Maybe just trying to get me to buy some of thier bags ?

Anyway thanks again for the tips i have enjoyed reading all the questions and answers on gardeners world over this last year ( my first )  and am sure i'll be back soon looking for more help.





I'd be inclined to use the troughs for the tomatoes this yr. They can make quite big plants, depending on variety. Peppers, aubergines etc will do fine in large pots either on the floor or on the staging.

Early salad leaves could be done in the troughs before you need to put in the tomato plants. J.

Hi Jo

Will ues the troughs  for some tomatoes and try out some salad leaves too, and 2 - 3 things in large pots .

Thanks for the tips


Oakley Witch

Ahhh, the bonnie land of the north 

Me too. My greenhouse is unheated and it did get a couple of frosty moments but everything has coped well. Think they know they are up here Mike lol

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