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Can anyone recommend somewhere I can get an inexpensive greenhouse please?


E-bay?  freecycle?  Local ads?

Moonlit Hare

Morning Shedman,

It depends what you want really, I've just been through this, and ended up opting for one on e-bay, buy it now. There's a lot of companies who sell through e-bay as a way to reach a bigger catchment. So there are brand new as well as pre used..... It might even be worth checking something like freecycle or pre loved, if you don't mind a pre used one.. quite often people will be giving them away if you go and collect.

I found it easier to compare like for like on e-bay and then I double checked by googling just to make sure. It was delivered to my doorstep in perfect condition within 3 days!

If you want advice on what to go for this is the right place! The lovely people on here are a wealth of information

Good Luck


Bought mine from Norfolk Greenhouses,well pleased with it.


It would help if we knew size, budget etc-polythene. glass, wood, aluminium.....

At the moment this is like asking where do I but a used car from


Terence Jones

I have 2 8x6 Aluminium, one from local add and one from a Wanted on freecycle.

As long as you are prepared to dismantle and collect, ( albeit with one or two broken panes) you should not have any trouble.

Good luck.

Bunny ...
Mine was free from mate of OH . I have seen ads in local paper asking for them too .
hollie hock

I see quite a few on freecycle and local ads that buyer/collector have to  disassemble

Thank you. It is a 6' x 4' I am looking for, can only find 4' x 6'. I need the door at the end due to the area I have to put it. I will check ebay, freecycle etc. Many thanks. I might look for a snow shovel as well as the local shops have sold out!

I got mine off the Friday ad, cost me ??40 and got free shelving with it...was so pleased!

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