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28/07/2013 at 19:51


I am thinking of getting a greenhouse and have been looking around via google searches trying to find a resonably priced greenhouse.

Does anyone have any recommendations of companies to use?

I am looking for a small one which makes it harder, ideally, 4 X 6 (the door on the 6" side) and i was intending to get a glass one rather than poly.


28/07/2013 at 21:28

Elite greenhouses sell a 6 x 4 with extra headheight but I don't know if they would put the door in the long side. You could always ask. However, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES put the thing up yourself. Get them to do it. I was a quivering wreck after spending 6 days trying to work out the assembly of mine, same size. 

28/07/2013 at 22:16

Hi Singy, my 6x8' came from Elite Greenhouses and is fine, also put it up by ourselves, 2 day, 2 person job - no probs at all 

28/07/2013 at 22:21

Hello PaulaH! Did your Elite instructions leaflet bear even the slightest resemblance to what you had in the boxes/in your hand/scattered on the ground in front of you?

Ours didn't. We have replumbed, rewired and rebuilt things but that little greenhouse had us stumped.

29/07/2013 at 00:58

Try the greenhouse people i get emails they have a good sale on.

29/07/2013 at 07:48

Hi Waterbutts, don't even remember looking at an instruction leaflet to be honest.  We must have looked at a diagram though, we laid out all the pieces and took it slowly.  OH is very handy though and can fix anything!

29/07/2013 at 22:32

Singy. Finding a GH with the door on the long side could be difficult, most, in fact, all that I've seen have it on the shorter side. Why does the door need to be there?   


29/07/2013 at 22:59

Have you thought about looking in your local papers for a second hand greenhouse?

Many people who are selling up to move house will sell perfectly good greenhouses a lot cheaper than buying new one's and you'll proberly get all kinds if trays/staging etc thrown in.

Ref errecting a greenhouse,

These days the glass on most greenhouses are held in place via wire clips and removing the glass is simple,

the frame and base are alloy nut/bolted and if you mark every section with masking tape ie number 1 right handside etc etc you can dismantle and errect it yourself and save abomb in charges.

Ive two greenhouse's both second hand, both alloy and both errected by myself and with the help of my wife,

It took from 8am until 9pm to errect each one, its not hard if you mark every section and take your time,

start from a good sound base and then work up, you'll be amazed once you've got all four side/end sections together and then fixed to each other how quick it takes shape.

Before you buy any greenhouse you should have a think about a few things first, if you want a list of thought's on greenhouse's let me know and i'll give you a list.

29/07/2013 at 22:59

Finding one with the door on the 6ft side would be difficult i agree Zommer, and the inside space, become's very precious, you have just lost half of it. If you was thinking of adding staging in time aswell may be awkward.

29/07/2013 at 23:04

Very true Smokin Donkey (what a name by the way)  I wish i checked ebay before i got mine. Some great second hand deals out there. Also ever since i got a greenhouse, It seems that i'm always hearing of one's going free.

30/07/2013 at 14:36

Things to think about...

Is it very windy where you are? If so get a toughened safety glass one, and avoid polypropelene as it's too light and the pannels will blow out.

Do you want metal or wooden frame?

Personally i got a wooden framed Swallow greenhouse early in the year from the greenhouse people (then swallow took over for delivery). I was very pleased with the service swallow privided. 

30/07/2013 at 14:54

I bought mine secondhand for £50 from Freeads. It cost more though to replace the glass panes! Make sure you have a really level base befor you put any greenhouse up.

good luck

30/07/2013 at 17:01

It's very true whats been said ref greenhouse's and i did many years ago have a wooden framed greenhouse, they do keep the heat in better but the down side is they're not easy to keep the wood work in tip top condition,

One thing i would say ref owning a greenhouse is that if used you'll have your money back in a few years via starting your own seeds and even buying the likes of geraniums and taking cuttings and growing them on,

A good thought ref greenhouses is it worth heating them throughout the winter?

Bubble wrap insulation is worth buying and some of the old victorian ways to keep the greenhouse frost free do work ,

ie bales of straw put around the walls not only give off heat but they're ideal for planting the likes of tomato plants in the top of the straw bales, ie a cut out the size of a plant pot and the heat off the straw insulates the pot and the plants are happy to have an early start in life,

the straw can be used once the weather changes to a warmer climate and the straw can be used on the compost for heating the heap up 'so you've no waste there..

Again the shrubs in urns and other plants that are not winter plants can again be housed in an un-heated green house (cold house) and by making sure the plants containers are bubble wrapped and the plants are not dried out at the roots, then they should be ok until the warmer weather arrives, "all thanks to a greenhouse"

plus i find its a good place to hide from "her indoors"

Nows the time to have a good think about what you'll need for a good greenhouse and to start with is "are you going for a solid floor ie concrete?

The advantage of solid is that under ground cold cant get into the greenhouse when the weather turns freezing & also you can clean out a concrete floor with pest cleaning fluids to help kill bacteria etc,

Just because you have concrete wont stop you having troughs for growing in,

A good wide door is a plus, one big enough to get a wheelbarrow through is ideal and can save you hours of carrying compost in & out.

The knowing your garden location will tell you we're the sun is at any time of the day and again this is a help when deciding greenhouse location,

you dont want to be hidden by next doors house and no or little sun,

If you in a windy tunnel type location? have you space to plant a lower growing hedge to help divert the high winds?

Have you thought of water? ie i have a 1000 ltr container on the corner of the greenhouse and all rain falls into this container (free water & handy for the greenhouse)

Automatic roof opening  ventilation is a must, they dont cost the earth but can save you loosing all your plants should a hot period arrive and your not near the greenhouse to stop the plants frying.

Staging can cost an arm and a leg "but" you'd be amazed how simple it is to make your own,

A few breeze blocks and used builders planks (very cheap from the builders yards as once these planks get to a certain state ! health & saftey comes into force and these planks end up in the builders yard doing nothing) But they do make good "up to 4 feet high staging for seed trays etc.

Lots to think about and a whole knew sort of gardening ahead of you.

30/07/2013 at 17:10

I've seen the lean-to greenhouses with doors on the long side - since they can't go anywhere else! Don't know if they would be any use to you Singy? Obviously they're a bit smaller because of the shape but perhaps you could get a bigger size to give you the space you want.

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