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Well what a trip I left today at 9.00 for Kent leaving from Coventry and I've only just got home. about 3 hrs to come up the M25.


Anyway I was just wondering if anyone could Identify this green house as I would like to buy the right seals for it all I know is it's 20 years old plus the size is a bit odd

2.35m long 1,80m wide by 2m high


Thank you James

Snap, looks similar to my GH although mines full of plants at present, been out and measured it, always thought it was 6 by 8 but mines an odd size too, just over 5ft wide and just over 8ft long. 

Don't know about seals though, could tell you about glass, nuts, bolts and clips  but that's not what you asked .

It looks like my greenhouse i've had it 16 years my assembly instruction book says seal is MM 00411, I have looked on Amazon they have Elite greenhouse Neoprene glazing seal on 50' rolls.  I personally get my accesories from my glazing merchant: seals, fixing clips he's a handy man to know....hope that is of some help and good luck.


Think i've seen the other thread to this post. Before i've seen Zoomers size answer.

Hi james i also have an old unknown door seal needs replacing, was looking on ebay ,someone will send you samples of different seals for £1.49. Hope this is some help.



Aliesh Now that a good Idea do you have a link ??



Don't know how to post a link 

I just typed in ebay greenhouse door seals and it came up. 

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