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I have a large garden in a rural setting that was grown over when we bought the house 3 years ago. We've managed to tame most of it now but I can't get to grips with the ground elder. For two tears I just mowed it like grass, but this year I planted home grown lupins, rose campion and geum through it and although it looked pretty in July, I feel the ground elder is now in danger of swamping even these plants . Please, please, how do I kill it?

Alina W

Weedkiller, and we're coming up to the ideal time. Make sure that you cover any wanted  plants, and then spray thoroughly with a glyphosate-base weedkiller. The ground elder will appear to grow better than ever for a few days, but then start to look sickly. You will probably have to apply the weedkiller at least twice.

What's left will have to be dug out by hand - you may well find it best to take up the plants you've planted to get it out of their roots.


OK thanks. I'm determined to kill it off!


Hope you do succeed, it really is a most incredibly persistent plant.  There is another thread about this you might like to read? 

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