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Ive noticed that some of shops in my area are selling off their grow bags half price.  Is it ok to buy them in advance for growing my tomatos in the greenhouse for next year or do they loose something by storing them over the winter? Please advise


They are fine as long as you don't leave them outside and they get wet

Never had a problem yet, get them whilst they are cheap, its only a growing medium as you have to feed them during the growing season, I always love a bargin, just store them in your Greenhouse making sure they do not dry out.


The GCs only sell them off cheap because they need the storage space.


Yes, buy them.It's my favourite time of the year for GC bargins to stock up on things I need or get ready for next spring.You will be surprised at what is reduced to make space.



Bargains now,mean more money for plants and seeds next year

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