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can any one tell me what iam doing wrong ive tried three seasons on the the run to grow brussels every year they just open up like a rose ive tried f1 and its still the same  any help will do please 


Absolutely agree with Geoff above - when planting them out you need to tread the soil really firmly around them.  If growing them in a windy spot put in a stout cane and ties to prevent wind-rock.

Jonathan 3

iv planted some but they gone to seed what im i doing wrong



All brassicas need really firming in well - to do this properly the soil needs to be well-prepared so that it can be trodden down really well after planting.  

Another cause of bolting is irregular watering during hot weather  Either or both might be your problem.  

Don't panic - if at first you don't succeed ......... etc etc etc 


Jonathan 3

can i savemy crop or is it too late



the plot you plan to put thrm next year . lightly turn top few inches this back end. and leave alone till next year . walk all over it next spring and do not dig. the harder the better they like it.old gardeners tales tell of using a crowbar and planting. this years are u,s. you might use the tops in spring do,nt give up. wrinkly1

Jonathan 3

only some of them have bolted could i still save the rest of this years crop



Try the bolted sprigs in a stir-fry 


They sell the opened out ones in the supermarkets now.  They don't miss a trick, do they!


It's the rise of Marketing - I suppose if it saves waste it's a good idea  - but what's the betting they'll create a demand for them, then they'll crop them like that deliberately  and they'll be selling them as a 'special high end item' 

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